Has The Fizz lost its sparkle?

Pop fans have been crying into their Bucks Fizz all weekend since Bobby McVay made up his mind and announced he was quitting The Fizz – the latest reincarnation of the Eurovision Song Contest winning four-piece.
Not only have Cheryl Baker and Jay Aston lost their skirts but now they and Mike Nolan have also lost their fourth singer.

When they were four…

The shock news was revealed just before 4pm on Friday by Andy Danter to the 2,500 members of the Cheryl, Mike, Jay, Formerly of Bucks Fizz with Bobby McVay – Official Facebook page.
He wrote: “Dear All, we have some very sad news to announce. As most of you are aware, Fizz member Bobby McVay lives in Italy.
“Unfortunately, it has become increasingly difficult for Bobby to commute between Italy and the UK (and more so over the last year) even to the point whereby on occasions, Bobby was literally spending a matter of hours in each country at a time and the travelling became quite a strain on him.
“Therefore, it is with much sadness we tell you Bobby has now left the band.
“As you can imagine, Cheryl, Mike and Jay are devastated by this news. They have had an absolute ball the last few years with Bobby and so many great memories. Bobby will be hugely missed from the band.”
He added: “We are sure it’s not the last we will see or hear from Bobby. He will always remain very dear to the group and, of course, with you all. We want you to know that The Fizz will continue and has no intention of splitting up.
“There is a new album in the pipeline and also gigs in for this year and next!”
Within hours, the official Facebook page had wiped out any mention of Bobby and reduced the home page from four photos to three.

Once they were four…

A shocked Lyndon Capple wrote on Sunday night: “Every trace of Bobby is gone 😦 His name isn’t on the group page anymore and even on the cover photo he’s gone. These past few days have been very hard but this hurts even more 😦 😦 :(”

Now they are three

Even DJ Normski was moved to write on Twitter: ““Oh B***s, Bobby McVay has left The Fizz.”
Meanwhile, Cheryl, from Kent, has been busy trying to win Skating On Ice with her dancing partner Dan Whiston.
The big question now is will the group will do a Take That and stay as a three-piece or try to recruit a replacement? Stephen Fischer was in the final cut for the slot Bobby G was given in 1981 but is said to be no longer performing.
Stephen Fox did a good job a couple of years ago but he has indicated he is too busy with other commitments.
It is unlikely the final three will want to team up again with Bobby G after the legal mess and animosity the first split caused following the battle over who owns the Bucks Fizz name.
Most fans agree a second male voice is needed. Some have suggested former Brother Beyond singer Nathan Moore. One wag even put comedian Joe Pasquale’s name in the frame.
In a message to fans, Bobby wrote: “It has been a fantastic few years with Cheryl, Mike and Jay. We have known each other for more than 30 years so when I joined it was like going out with my mates.
“I’ve enjoyed every single second of working with them. But, as many of you have understood, it has been difficult travelling between my home in Italy and the gigs.
“I’ve had to deal with a few personal issues over the past 12 months and these made me realise that having my home and family and my future with The Fizz in two different countries wasn’t going to work.
“If I couldn’t give The Fizz 100% then it would be better to step down rather than let people down. As some of you have commented: ‘family comes first’.
“I would rather The Fizz continued to go from strength to strength as three than with me as the fourth member who might have to disappear for a few days to get home.
“The Fizz has always been very professional and I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, undermine the professionalism of the band because of the logistics of travelling home or to get to a gig. One thing you can rely on with the Fizz, they never disappoint!
“I hope you understand and I send you my love. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, firstly for accepting me as part of the band and secondly, for your continuing support.
“I know you won’t let my three little buddies down and will continue to support them throughout, as will I.”
He signed off: “Long live The Fizz” and added: “Who knows, maybe they’ll invite me back for the odd concert!”

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